Nicely Strongoak – that figures!

‘Detective Strongoak and the Case of Dead Elf’ has wide appeal for anybody who enjoys fantasy, comedy or detective fiction, but is not specially written for younger readers, although just imagine what interest there could lead to…

Nicely Strongoak – the minifigure!

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The Good, the Bad and the Elvish

Elves, you just have to love them, don’t you? I mean, with their natural in-born nobility, un-specified magical powers, tall blond looks, high cheekbones and pointy ears, what’s not to like? No wonder that the most unfairly maligned of youth cults, the peace-loving hippies, was so taken by them. Unless, of course, your elves happen to be small enslaved domestic helpers with no dress sense and a habit of talking about themselves in the third person: “Blobby wear sack now”.

A typically unattractive elf. What do they see in them?
A typically unattractive elf. What do they see in them?

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Talking Dwarf

SuHuGo have a listen to the latest ‘Husband’s Half Hour’ ( for wise words (ramblings) about dwarfs, fantasy, comedy and corkscrew sperm from Dr Tel. Plus great songs from Ronnie Golden and the inimitable and truly fabulous Su Husband too (not forgetting the fab Elastic Band.) A rather fun afternoon for all.