How high is a dwarf anyway?

Dwarfs come in all shapes and sizes; exact figures usually depend on your sources. Generally though you can assume that they will be taller than you were expecting. If they were as short as often portrayed they would not be quite the feared warriors that they are (or were) – even taking into account their fantastically powerful shoulders and upper body strength.

Dwarfs are not gnomes! Do not argue with a dwarf! Don’t argue with gnomes either, but that’s just good manners.

Master Detective Nicely Strongoak and companion
Master Detective Nicely Strongoak and companion (with thanks to the brilliant J.G.)


Dwarfs, especially male dwarfs, are quite often the height of smaller men, but much wider – not at the waist though, well not until they get older. Dwarfs, as a different race, bear little resemblance to human men or women suffering from the medical condition of dwarfism.

Dwarfs also tend to wear pretty big boots with thick soles, which is nothing to do with vanity but a lot to do with wearability (and kickability). Dwarfs do not give a damn about height differences – when you can pull somebody’s arm off you get a little arrogant like that.

Master Detective Nicely Strongoak is tall for a dwarf. He most certainly doesn’t care about height differences, only about more abstract things like truth, honesty and justice. Oh, and good tailoring too of course.

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