All-Inclusive Holidays in Mordor – not just for the adventurous!

There is not doubt that the growth of Mordor as a holiday destination has been one of the great tourist successes of the Modern Age. With its startling volcanic landscape, and frozen lava fields, Mordor provides a magnificent backdrop for any vacation. The colour scheme is remarkably different from what most of us are used to, yet Mordor has its own stark magnificence, as the ash greys and blacks of the petrified magma contrast with the bright white local buildings and splashes of palm and cactus green.

The writer enjoys a moment of relaxation next to the lava fringed Sea of Nurnen

The resort destinations of the Sea of Núrnen are, of course, the major attractions. Fed by rivers from Ephel Duath and Ered Lithui, which now run clear and true, this startlingly blue inland salty sea is currently much larger than of old and provides a wealth of opportunities for water sports, such as wind surfing and water skiing.

This was our first trip to Mordor and we didn’t know quite what to expect. The larger towns are experiencing some commercialisation, but over all Mordor is still manages to retain its own unique charm. Our hotel was built from local lava bricks and was clean and accommodating. The return of abundant bird life has certainly put an end to the flies that once bothered travellers! We went ‘all-inclusive’ as we weren’t sure about the local cuisine, but we needn’t have worried. The fertile plains of Nurn, with their rich volcanic soils now provide a wide range of staple, as well as exotic, foods. Plus, the Sea of Núrnen provides plenty for the fish-loving gourmet to enjoy!

The locals were exceptionally friendly (a bit different from the past eh?) and from many different backgrounds. The smiling bar goblin was forever mixing up a fantastic range of cocktails – warning they are very strong! Of course many people are simply attracted to Mordor by the warm weather, the sandy beaches and the deep blue sea – and who can blame them? We found a beautiful beach for relaxing on, with a fabulous restaurant close by, where they mixed a marvellous Mordor Punch – perfect for watching the sun set over the distant Ephel Duath range.

Although somewhat surprising, there is little doubt that Mordor has become the chic choice for both the adventurous traveller, and the more sedate holidaymaker. We’re certainly going back again!

Dr Tel’s travel and accommodation were arranged by The Shire Travel Company; all opinions expressed are his own.

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Author and scriptwriter, Terry Newman

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  1. Sounds lovely, but I heard getting there can be quite tricky, is it still an entry visa requirement to set off in groups of 9?


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