‘Dwarf Girls Don’t Dance’ is the title of the new Detective Strongoak novella and it’s available free NOW in advance of the paperback release of ‘Detective Strongoak and the Case of the Dead Elf’.



Yes, absolutely free! Just like a ‘give-away’ to encourage you to buy the ebook (still only £1.99) or the brand new hard copy. ‘Dwarf Girls Don’t Dance’ gives you the definitive lowdown on dwarf women, as well as another slice of the gritty criminal underworld of the seething multi-racial metropolis that is the Citadel. Plus the coolest, fast-talking, best dressed dwarf Master Detective this side of New Iron Town, that’s Nicely Strongoak to you.

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Climbing the Comedy Writing Ladder.

I had a mate in Cambridge; well he is actually still a mate – just not in Cambridge. He told me about some people who were putting on a live topical comedy show in small Cambridge venues. They needed some material, so to make a change from what I was doing (worrying and drinking mostly,) I wrote some sketches and they used them.

I was delighted – absolutely over the moon – well stoked!

Well-stoked Terry on his board.
Well-stoked Terry on his board.

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Nicely Strongoak – that figures!

‘Detective Strongoak and the Case of Dead Elf’ has wide appeal for anybody who enjoys fantasy, comedy or detective fiction, but is not specially written for younger readers, although just imagine what interest there could lead to…

Nicely Strongoak – the minifigure!

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Vote for Fantasy and Science Fiction! Only we can save the future!

With the election looming, time for a confession. I have been politically active for a large number of years now, but I’ve never joined a party, posted a leaflet or ‘doorstepped’ a constituent. My contribution has been a little different, but still equally as important I feel: I’ve made fun of them all.

I’ve written political comedy for the radio, for television and a number of live shows. To hear your political thoughts, sketches and jokes being performed by some of the best talent in the country is a great buzz. I heartily recommend it.

A Typical Politician (what we all believe really)
A Typical Politician (what we all believe really)

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Feeding the Horse with the Green Nose

A.F.E Smith, the talented fantasy writer, is to blame. Or rather, I should humbly thank AFE, not blame her. It was an interview with AFE that brought ‘The Horse with the Green Nose’ back to my mind. Now, I can’t get that horse out of my thoughts, what’s more ‘feeding the horse with the green nose’ has become my catch-all phrase for my own fiction writing.The horse with the Green Nose

You see, ‘The Horse with the Green Nose’, by Agnes Frome, is one of the earliest books I can remember reading. It had been passed down the generations in my family; battered and worn but with a fabulous soft cover and a unique smell. I can’t tell you much about Agnes though. It seems likely that Frome was a nom-de-plume, taken from the town in Somerset. Some clever genealogical work has discovered that she was probably really Agnes Dora Rimmer, born c 1895. Continue reading Feeding the Horse with the Green Nose