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Detective Strongoak and the Case of the Dead Elf is published by Harper Voyager and is now available as an ebook from Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, WH Smiths and other outlets.

The Paperback edition will be available from June 2015.



Nicely Strongoak – Kindle Epic Fantasy #1 Bestseller

Detective Strongoak book cover

A comedy detective fantasy; CSI in the land of Widergard, where fantasy has grown up a bit and Nicely Strongoak is just your average Master-detective-for-hire, if your detective happens to be a dwarf with a handy hand axe. In a city filled with drug-taking gnomes, goblins packing heat and a serious case of missing-persons, Strongoak might just be what’s needed, because this is one dwarf that is never going to leave a single cobblestone unturned. 

E book UK and USA–  Paperback UK and Paperback USA. Other formats available for other ereaders.

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